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Saturday, November 08, 2008

alfie 'foot-in-mouth' mutua calls Obama ignorant

Yes... alfie the brown-noser told off the then Senator Obama on his visit to Kenya in 2006... and now alfie backed his boss' call for a public holiday to celebrate the same Senator Obama's victory...

It's going to be a hoot when ratega ogego (Kenya's ambassador to the USA) has to meet Prez Obama!

Ogego said to Obama "You deliberately, without real cause or reason, other than what appears to seek cheap publicity and inconsequential populism, chose to publicly attack the democratically elected Government of Kenya, in total disregard for the requisite protocol and acceptable methods to address the issues you raised, what with programmed appointments to meet Cabinet ministers and even the Head of State, since your visit was official,"

And mr. ogego... did your boss wake up one morning & declare a holiday for Obama? Could it have been for "cheap publicity and inconsequential populism"?

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Dino said...

It always amazes me the way African politics is often reduced to mere kitchen politics, literally. Surely, both Mutua and Ogego should have realized that when it comes to matters of national interest they should have been a bit more diplomatic? Imagine if Russia and Iraq, for instance, showed their disatisfaction with US policies openly! It would be a case of nyo nyo nyo nyo nyo!

So you are right. I am sure wherever they are, both Mutua and Ogego are eating back their words. Its no wonder Obama is yet to call Kenya or show in any way that he has any relations whatsoever with it.