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Friday, November 14, 2008

Nairobbery - Yes, we are back!

Ahhh... the Nairobbery we all know so well... and the police?

Complicit? Yes, according to Tim Muriuki of NCBDA
Incompetent? Yes.
Corrupt? Yes.

Vision 2030 - Kenya plans to be the world's gangster exchange... Gotham move over!

Does the government realize that tourism is on shaky ground & such incidents will only scare the tourists away from Nairobi?

Being an entrepreneur is tough at the best of times. I am not surprised that many folks don't want to bother starting businesses in Kenya unless its mere trading or the 'briefcase' bunch.

BTW, the latest robbery took place 800 metres from (Un)Vigilance House... the seat of the Kenya Police. So would you go shopping for substantial items in the CBD?

NCBDA Complaint

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