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Sunday, November 16, 2008

JKIA is a dump...

Does the government care? (Rhetorical question...)

JKIA is:

toilets stink
floor is uneven

The road to JKIA is narrow, pockmarked... where are the Chinese contractors?

The poor experience starts with the idiotic cop who is interested in your insurance sticker rather than if you are a terrorist. Am I going to carry a gun or RPG in plain sight?

The drop-off area is blocked...

There is only one scanner on thus a long line...

Check-in is pleasant (but this is handled by KQ among other airlines)

Immigration asks me a stupid question about my passport... Told him I got it as is from the powers-that-be... Threatens to cause me trouble... tell him to FO (well, politely...)

At least our duty free shops are 1/2 way decent vs other African (yes, I am going for the low bar here) airports...

Sigh... the waiting area can't match Entebbe... at least KQ has updated screens showing the flights. Well, so does KAA but no-one at the help desk. BTW, it is prime time... but the KAA employee if off... I only seen an employee behind a help-desk once in the past year!

There is NO working socket here... Using up my precious battery power to blog!

Can't wait to get on the flight.


Anonymous said...

Pole Coldtusker the last time i was there the Escalator wasn't working neither was the AC.

coldtusker said...

Met a fellow traveller who told me its cooler outside than inside JKIA.

The waiting area (before embarking on the plane) was over-crowded. It was designed for the smaller planes (50 passengers) not the 737s (116 pax) that KQ has... let alone the 777s!

Ssembonge said...

I take it that you are thoroughly enjoying your stay in Kenya:)

Those cops at JKIA once busted me at 6 am in the morning for a road licence that had expired the previous day. With pajamas only and no DL, I had to plead my way out of the airport.

coldtusker said...


What irritates me is that Kenya is supposed to be the crossroads for East Africa & these are the facilities we provide?

Even Entebbe has apron buses as well as a nicer (though smaller) airport!

TpneLoc said...

The cops wait in the parking bays until you park in a slot indicating "no parking", which may be difficult to see at night. They know this, so they are positioned 2 metres away.

They threatened me with a 4000/= fine at the Security Office. I knew they wanted an "understanding." Since I'm paranoid about air security, I was very angry to see them distracted frm their serious task. SO I AGREED AND SAID LET'S GO TO THE OFFICE AND I PAY THE 4K. I walked very fast, asking them where it was. When they saw I was serious, the stopped following me and disappeared into the darkness...

Anonymous said...

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