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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Kenya - No rule of Law

What a waste!

The Nakumatt store among other buildings were bulldozed by the 'government'. I know there were cases pending but the impunity is horrendous.

Nakumatt had the property on lease - they do not own property - but seemed unaware of the operation. At the minimum, they would have emptied the store. The landlords say they never received the summons. Anyway, expect a lot of lawsuits back & forth. Or was this a case of the law gone amok?

(The demolishers may be right but the waste of food when Kenyans are starving. The sheer waste of equipment/utensils/beds, etc when Kenyan hospitals go without... It just galls me!)

How on earth did they get to build these structures on road reserves?

The Kenol petrol station had 26,000 litres of petrol. Yes, a spark and kaboom. Well, if I were the owner & you screwed with me, I would have probably lit a match and walked away... and helped lots of looters on their journey... upwards...

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Acolyte said...

To be honest I do think some orders or other must have been sent out same way as was done when a whole lot of houses were demolished that were built on road reserves.
Also doesn't a company as large as Nakumatt have ears within the city council that could have warned them of the demolition. I mean if prostitutes on K street know about raids before hand and they are small scale, what of a big company that must dish out quite a bit in bribes to the NCC and other gvt offices?
The lands ministry is one of the most rotten in Kenya. With some money you can build anywhere and on anyone's land and get away with it.
At least nobody got hurt when it came to the gas station being demolished.

coldtusker said...

Or it happened precisely coz Nakumatt & Kenol do not dish out KK...?