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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Nairobi City Council - Bouquets & Barbs

Bouquet - Increased burial fees. We need fewer burials & more cremations. Of course, murders can't be solved if the bodies are cremated BUT that only happens on CSI. In Kenya, 'investigations' are a joke. What was the idiot's name who claimed Robert Ouko 'killed' himself then set himself on fire?

Barb - Why would you raise the fees for LOADING BAYS from 60,000/- to 100,000/- in Nairobi?
Many world-class cities want businesses to open/remain in their downtowns e.g. New York, London, Chicago, etc... the idiots at the Nairobi City Council want to drive these businesses out! These businesses keep residents downtown longer & create vibrancy.
Higher costs of the various licenses will either push these businesses out by encouraging hawkers who pay no fees or charges! Violent & armed robberies are on the rise & the police as usual consider these as 'normal'.

Barb - Why doesn't the NCC get rid of the death traps - 14-seater Nissan matatus? I would post photos but I don't want my phone or camera being snatched!


bankelele said...

The finances for the Nairobi City council showed revenue of Kshs. 8.1 billion ($123 million) which came from the following sources; government 2.53 billion, (Nairobi) water company 147m, borrowing of 505m, 772m from business permits, market fees 325m, 1.72 billion ($26m) from property rates, and 649m from parking collections.

Expenditure was the same 8.1 billion shillings comprising payments to councilors of 71 million, salaries amounting to Kshs. 3.7 billion ($56m), operations & maintenance 1b, capital projects (investments) 1.1 b, and debt repayment of Kshs. 2.1 billion)

raising money is not a problem and they are quite good, ruthless and unstoppable, the problem is how the money is spent

coldtusker said...

Salaries consume too much of NCC's budget coz they are over-staffed.

A far-sighted town could take Nairobi's thunder by offering businesses tax breaks e.g. why does the NSE have to be in Nairobi?

MainaT said...

CT-recall the issue of ghost workers in around 2003? The city godfathers refused to have the exercise ever be repeated again.
I recently did a blog asking the same question about why other towns don't ever try to compete with Nai to take away jobs from it.
Think how well suited an IT valley would work in aplace like...

coldtusker said...

I like eldoret... weather is awesome but the town is poorly planned... well... unplanned!

They have an airport... hmmm...