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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Big Governments & Corruption - Bedfellows

Millers who approach the NCPB are told there is no maize. Even official complaints are swatted aside. BUT the NCPB sells maize to 'brokers' who sell to the millers at 26% markup. So...

- Who are these brokers?
- Why is the government competing with the private sector in procuring maize?

Regulation is one thing but the involvement of government in (direct) commerce is the road to ruin. And consumers have to pay the price.

Shouldn't the government spend money on improving the roads in the North Rift rather than buying maize from farmers? It's a rhetorical question because the latter allows for quick & easy corruption!

- Underweight bags of maize are purchased by NPCB
- Low quality maize is purchased by NPCB
- Maize is sold at a loss to 'favored' entities & persons by NPCB

Private millers would go out of business if they did the above!

Then the demolitions along Thika Road. Why were the officials in the Nairobi Crooked Council & Ministry of Landlessness not arrested & thrown in jail for allocating & allowing construction on road reserves?

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