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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Am I a fool for not stealing?

I am depressed...

Since 1986, no thief/crook/politician/lawyer associated with any mega-scandal has been jailed... I do not mean those short stints put on for show for the gullible donors.

Goldenberg (50bn) - paul pattni, george saitoti, eric kotut, james kanyotu, gideon moi, daniel moi, amos wako

Anglo Leasing (13bn) - dipak kamani, rashmi kamani, murungaru, kiraitu murungi, amos wako

KPC-Triton (10bn) - yagnesh devani, kiraitu murungi, nyoike, george okungu, peter mecha

Maize Scandal (2009) (1bn) - Names?

Am I a fool to rail against corruption instead of being more constructive & building a corruption network?

(Have I missed any scandals or names above?)


MainaT said...

Two wrongs never make a ?

Don't forget that for everyone of this dudes, somebody got a cut. That is why no one has been convicted...

coldtusker said...

So are you suggesting that I grease the entire totem pole so it slides in gently?