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Friday, January 23, 2009

He is back... Corruption in Kenya... Aluta Continua...

Amos Kimunya is back... as Minister of Trade...

Where is the report that exonerates him?
Bottomline: Amos was the fall guy for the deal kibz made with the Libyans regarding the Grand Regency Hotel. Amos got his pay while he relaxed - he simply 'stepped aside' & was not suspended. Ultimately, it was a deal made by kibz. All the players in the sale have gone scot-free including ndungu (governor of CBK) & kimunya.

Here is a flowchart of how scandals are solved in Kenya. Courtesy of thinkersroom.

Next on the block... the Libyans will get the Kenya Petroleum Refinery... watch this space. Essar who legitimately won the bid for 50% ownership will be locked out.

The Kenya Pipeline will also be sold to the Libyans for a song. In return the Libyans will grease kibz, his family & cronies among other politicians. Proceeds from the sale of KPC will be used to pay off the banks & Oil Marketers caught in the KPC-Triton web. Of course, the crooks including devani, murungi, okungu, mecha & their cronies will all go scot-free.

Yes, Kenya is cursed. Will there be anything left in the coffers by 2012?


ke said...

Will there be anything left? No.

Was there anything left after moi? no. and what was the response of the people? there was mass migration out of the country in search of jobs.

what will be the response under kibaki?

that is yet to be determined, but something tells me it won't be pretty.

However, people keep telling me how much money they are making in kenya. can you talk about this discrepancy on what I am hearing and what you are writing here?

coldtusker said...

Of course, people are making money... if you are a friend of kibz or raila or kimunya...

Ssembonge said...

Mars Group can barely keep up with all the developments. Our government has out done everyone except Robert Mugabe.

Anonymous said...

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