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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Kenya Ferries Ltd - Ferries stall - Deja Vu

I told you so... yes, I, coldtusker, warned Kenyans... "Warped Priorities at KFS"

2 of the 3 ferries were out of order at Likoni today... And trust me... the way things are going, I expect one to sink soon... which is bad news for tourism...


- Either privatise KFS which means charging the passengers (or subsidizing the KFS).
- Build a bridge or tunnel asap!!!


Rafiki said...

I would prefer a scenic bridge rather than a dull tunnel.

But we should also keep one of the good old ferries, rehabilitate it a bit and make it a tourist attraction.

coldtusker said...

Rafiki: See... you come with smart ideas coz I betcha you are in the private sector!

P.S. I agree but can Kenya afford a high bridge to allow for shipping?

BTW, I believe tunnels tend to be more expensive vs bridges coz of the engineering costs (for shorter distances)

Rafiki said...

coldtusker: The bridge would be expensive indeed, but do we still need a high one? All the ships will dock at Lamu port soon. lol
A tunnel would indeed be more expensive, also because of the nature of the soil in that area.
But we should be able to afford the cost of the bridge. Imagine how much the economy is loosing every day just because of these damn ferries. Just watch the scene for a couple of hours and you get the point.
I am active both in the private and public sectors, just enjoying the best of both worlds ;-)

ke said...

I can't for the life of me understand why they haven't built a bridge yet. The distance from one end to the other is so short.

With a bridge, people would also be able to drive across 24/7 - they wouldn't have to waste time waiting for a ferry.

I'm surprised you are suggesting a tunnel be built underneath the ocean (is that what you are suggesting?)-- that would need extensive maintenance, I assume.