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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Government Blunders/Corruption continues in Fuel Shortages in Kenya

The Government of Kenya (GoK) does PR well... or is it that many Kenyans are gullible or just stupid?

It seems the Oil Marketers have not done a good job highlighting their side of the story probably fearing retribution.

Here are a couple of stories that highlights the idiocy in GoK & its entities.

KPC has further hitches in pumping fuel from Mombasa to Inland depots.

Politically connected firm, Triton, hogs space at the Mombasa fuel depot delaying offloading of fuel imported by other firms.

And what bullshit is this? Ngumbao Kithi & Jane Akinyi claim there has been no fuel shortage at the Coast for 2 weeks... I beg to differ! There were some towns (Watamu & Kilifi) that were as dry as a desert at least once since 15 Dec 2008. Were these journalists bribed or idiots?

Now in Tanzania... a failed government airline that needs constant bailouts while KQ (privatized) remains profitable in a tough environment. Precision Air (49% owned by KQ) remains profitable & is expanding.

I hope KPC & KPRL is fully privatized. Soon. Transparently.


KE said...

Why are gas stations in Kenya getting their petrol from KPC? Why can't they get it directly from Exxon Mobil or BP Shell or whomever?

I'm assuming gas stations operate like franchise's. You sign a franchise agreement with one of the oil companies and then you get your gas or petrol from them.

I guess I'm asking why KPC even exists.

I don't see how the government can control the price of a globally traded commodity.

coldtusker said...

Oil Marketers (Kenol, etc) have to process 70% of their 'requirements' thru the INEFFICIENT Kenya Petrolem Refinery (KPRL).

KPRL is linked to Kenya Oil Storage Facilities which is linked to Kenya Pipeline Company.

KPC is needed but it should be PRIVATIZED.

KPC is a 'delivery' channel that moves product from KOSF to Inland Depots in Nairobi & Eldoret.

Oil Marketers collect fuel from either KOSF, Nairobi or Eldoret. Then they move it to the petrol stations.