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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

CBK governor & his pies in the sky (and a MONSTER story)

The CBK governor (ndungu) was mouthing off idiotic growth numbers (7%) earlier in the year after the Post-Election Violence while his more sensible colleuage Prof. Ryan was counseling caution (2-3%).

Well... it turns out that Ryan's estimates will be far closer to the truth... especially with inflation in the 20% region... and this AFTER the state subsidies for maize kicks in...

BTW... How many axles does this 128-tyre monster have?
Do you think the (corrupt) police officers will ask for a 128,000 bribe to let it through?


odegle said...

Coldi, cool it. I guess when you are a political appointee, you got to dance the tune but when you are a consultant who eats off his name, you got to be factual. there goes the difference but I like the news on the additional power to the grid. 12 months period is rather ambitions given our recent experience but lets not lose the hope

coldtusker said...

So OD... what you are saying is we should be "OK" with mediocre political appointees?

Shouldn't we have 'professionalism' even for political appointees?

Why should the CBK Governor be beholden to the Executive?