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Monday, January 05, 2009

Kenyan Government Officials overpaid?

Are 'top' government officials in Kenya overpaid?

(Keep in mind the US economy even in its 'diminished' state is 1,000x larger than Kenya's...)

This includes the Executive, Legislative & Judicial branches...

Check this link out...


bankelele said...

Yes they are – and I blame the WB dream team (mid-90’s) for busting the previous civil service payscales for that.

Pay scales should be even across the whole government; it is wrong for someone to come from the private sector and ask the government to match last (private sector) salary. working for the government should be a ‘community service’ take it or leave it - e.g. top guys should work for Kshs. 300,000 going downwards
- and honestly there are enough ‘opportunities’ [wink] for one to make money within the pay scale (do you know any broke former CBK governors or permanent secretaries?)

PKW said...

I'd think so- I was listening to Inooro FM at home over the break and some presenter (Wanjiku Njuguna) compared Kenyan govt ministers' or MP's salaries with those of their counterparts in Africa (I noted UG, TZ,SA and Nigeria), the US, the UK and India. The highest paid ministers are in Africa are in SA at around Ksh 200,000, while our prezzo's pay is comparable to that of G. Bush and G. Brown. But I also understand that the base pay for the Kenyan jamaas and mamas is around Ksh 200K, the uhondo comes from the hectic allowances-close to 600 or 700K for which they have lengad paying taxes.In my opinion, that's plain unethical as 1) this contributes to the inequity in Kenya today. Some govt workers take home hata 15K or less a month 2)most govt jobs produce no revenue,hence the pay cannot be justified in any way and 3) MPs work way fewer hours, days, months (they even close over 'the summer') compared to ordinary wananchi.

pesa tu said...

We are too blame for putting up with mediocre leadership in the name of supporting our tribesmen.We fall for that old line "its our turn to eat"

MainaT said...

We've gotten ourselves on to a very slippery slope.
We elect mediocre leaders who we've then given freedom to set their own salaries. To add to the injury, we've allowed them to decide whether to or not to pay tax...

coldtusker said...

Banks: WB Dream Team was based on 'expertise' which is different from 'elected' officials.

BUT I agree that there should be parity across government officials.

NO... I disagree that low pay should be the norm since there are 'other' opportunities.

There should be an INDEPENDENT evaluation of top government employees as well as the ability to fire them (easily) for any malfeasance or stupidity (as in silly policy decisions even if not corrupt).

coldtusker said...

PKW: Kenyan MPs are overpaid. They are not 'professionals' but should serve coz they want to... not for inordinate gain.

I would have proposed a pay based on per-capita income e.g. MPs to be paid based on the PCI... The PCI would be determined by an independent (transparent) body...

And the shameless bastards would have to pay taxes like any other Kenyan!

coldtusker said...

PesaTu: Yes... though I did not fall for that line. Of course, I am city-born & bred...

MainaT: Yes, we need to revamp the entire structure BUT will the wanjikus care or listen to their tribal chiefs?

Do the wanjikus care beyond their stomachs? (Well, I can say that coz I am luckier than they are)

Is Kenya (& wanjiku) ready for a real 2-party system?
(McCain knew he was going to lose yet he did the right thing & went through the process. uhuru kenyatta sold the 'official' opposition out for his personal gain)

The most tribalistic voters in 2007 were the kambas. They voted almost to a man for ka-looser (coz he is a kamba) yet he was a mere spoiler.

Mutahi Ngunyi put the ambigious presidential result squarely at ka-looser's doorstep.

odegle said...

how do you determine whether one is overpaid or underpaid?

PKW said...

OD; by what I implied above;
1) Benchmarking against similar positions, in this case, across positions within countries under comparable socioeconomic conditions
2) By what the fruits of your work. If you make the company/country so much money that you are indispensable, then how much you earn should not be an issue to whoever pays you-the tax payer, in our situation.
CT; even city-types like you retreat into their tribal cocoons once at party time-the political party, that is.

coldtusker said...

OD: Our politicians are definitely over-paid relative to Per Capital Income...

PCI in Kenya is $600/year & pays taxes & does not get duty-free cars. An MP earns (all inclusive) is around $350/day (incl Sat+Sun+Hols).

US prez makes (incl allowances)about 15x the US PCI.

kibz makes 1,000 x Kenyan PCI.

BTW, the US first lady does NOT get paid... roocy takes home a sweet package...

ke said...

Don't blame the Kamba's for Raila's loss. They voted like all the other kenyans did. i.e. tribally.

Mutahi Ngunyi never quite understood the banality and premeditation of the violence in the rift valley.

The issue with the high salaries of MP's is that they are overpaying themselves relative to the annual income of an average kenyan and they are using taxpayer money to do it!

Taxpayer money is supposed to be used for the good of society overrall. It's not supposed to be used to enrich a few, especially in a country where almost 50% of the population is living below the poverty.

If they want to make lots of money they should do it in the private sector.

Let them go out and learn how to generate their own income and no one will complain.

odegle said...

What would you do? pay the job or the individual? Which determines the pay? The job, meaning the JD or the worker meaning the output? Would you maintain a CEO at a low pay due to under performance or fire him and getter a better one at a higher pay?

ke said...

A U.S. senator makes about $165,000 dollars a year (the same as a kenyan MP!). The average American makes about $50,000 dollars a year. So, the politicians make about double that.

A salary of 165K a year in a private sector job in America would be considered pretty good. Not great, but decent (with variations depending on the cost of living in your state) -- e.g. in New york, it wouldn't be that good b/c the std. of living is very high, but in Texas, where the cost of living is much lower, it would be a good salary.

So, Kenyan MP's should apply a similar standard. A salary that would be considered pretty good for kenya, but not great. What would a mid-level banking executive in Kenya make? or a lawyer at a private firm? They should get the same salary as a mid-level professional in Kenya.

I would give a CEO a low base salary and then add in incentive bonuses depending on performance.

Anonymous said...

It's a joke what some people get paid - - if funds were distributed less unbiasly the world would be a better place

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