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Friday, February 20, 2009

Fertilizer Imports have started - Scams come next

The Fertilizer scam to start soon as government imports trickle in...

kibaki said - I paraphrase - 'Do not look for others to blame for the scams'. Shouldn't he have said 'The buck stops with me'?

Anyway, as I predicted in my earlier blogpost, it is a matter of time.


Lord said...


Look! Now that the Censure motion on Ruto failed 22/119.... The victory so stunning that i predict there shall NEVER again be a censure motion till after 2012. It was a show stopper.

If you agree with the above...then it follows that the GRAFT in the pipeline is humongous...

Oracle what can you see ?

ke said...

Why do you even bother listening to Kibaki? The man is a zombie.

I"m curious as to who is actually running that country because I don't think it's Kibaki, but i'm not sure who it is.

It's very scary to have a president who is that disengaged.