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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kenya Airport Authority - Corrupt & Inept

The idiots at Kenya Airport Authority are it again!

The corrupt & inept (yep, both) could not 'control' the electricity outage situation at the Mombasa 'International' Airport.

Shouldn't MIA have an emergency electricity generator that powers basic functions so the airport can continue running albeit at a 'slower' pace?

What about a contingency plan to provide chairs, shade or water to passengers stuck at the airport?

I have railed against the corrupt & inept idiots running KAA & how they sabotage Kenya's tourism industry.

This a mere sample... there are dozens of horror stories of KAA's ineptness!
July 2007 - Landing lights out
Oct 2008 - No generators at the airport

I feel sorry for the passengers, tourists, KQ & other airlines operating in Kenya.


Lord said...

Indeed its a horror storry...The lives of paasengers is in great danger...Look landing lights were off

Look CT ...I pray this time round that you are heeded instead of vindicated

Cho said...

Whats the infrastructure ownership?

Who owns KAA? Is it a public private?

The idea of power cuts is common but the lack of emergency power is worrying...

I wonder whether it has even an adequate rader system?

coldtusker said...

Infrastructure owned by KAA (a 100% owned parastatal) thus by Govt of Kenya.

KAA is public. The board is appointed by the government/politicians.

Many private firms install generators for emergencies. The Nairobi Nakumatt fire was thought to have been caused by the generator's fuel (I still advocate for emergency power).

KAA's radar system? No idea about the 'quality'.

coldtusker said...

Lord: My primary concern is the loss of business for Kenyan airlines & tourism in these tough times.

Without lights, the aircraft are diverted to Nairobi.


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