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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tidbits - just for you!

Japan's Finance Minister resigns coz he appeared to be drunk at a conference. He claims it was a combination of jet lag & cold medicine.

Kenya's current FM, uhuru kenyatta, looks drunk. All the time. Just joking. I hope he does better than most of the jokers Kenya has had in the past especially the george 'goldenberg' saitoti.
We all know Kenya's former FM (guess who???) is a former drunk. Kudos to him on kicking the habit but not the lethargy.

Now for the serious part: Kenyan ministers NEVER resign for any sort of foible or corruption. Starting with paul ngei to william ruto. And so many in between!!!

African legislators are crooks. No matter where.

KPC in more trouble. Again!!! Kenol-Kobil plays tough with KPC.

BBK's group results PBT up 13% but PAT up 12.5% (EPS of 4.10), BBK is trading at a historic P/E of 10.


pesa tu said...

The KPC issue shows that we keep burying our collective heads in the sand and hope that our problems disappear.

MainaT said...

At least KPC won't come into the NSE in this state for at least another yr. I hope that drunk UK will sober up and realise this.
The NSE's clever chap posted the wrong pages of the annual report. Muppet!

MainaT said...

For BBK. He posted the statement of the movement in shareholders funds.

coldtusker said...

I am proud of Kenol-Kobil & how they have fought the current corrupt fuel delivery system in Kenya.

KK controlling shareholder is nick biwott BUT the management is very professional.

ke said...

You are being kind when you uhuru kenyatta looks drunk. He looks stoned. Finished. Strung up and not on strungi.

Interesting to see a firm owned by Biwott fighting kenya's "corrupt" system!

Kettle. Call. me. black.

Empower Kenya said...

No chance of any minister resigning because he/she looks drunk; they wont even resign when found with their hand in the cookie jar.
All these corruption cases have dented the stock market more than the global crisis. When is this new NSE boss going to address these issues or at least speak so that we know he is doing something about it?

Anonymous said...

The current NSE chairman has already made his money. I don't think he cares about reforms. He is also well connected politically and his firm will still get most of the IPO business anyway.


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