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Monday, February 02, 2009

roocy kibaki blames saitoti for molo deaths

roocy kibaki blames george saitoti for the Molo deaths!

If this was not tragic, this is a dark comedy.

roocy's hubby, the Kenyan prez (if you believe sam 'cant count' kivuitu) has been in the government since 1963 as Finance Minister, VP or Prez. And Kenyans have been raped by the politicians since 1963.

Land-grabbing by kenyatta's regime. All sorts of other scandals during moi's regime. Anglo-fleecing, KPC-Triton & maize scams during his regime.

She says that MPs should use their humongous salaries to pay for starving constituents. Well, what about her horrendous large salary & office expenses for doing jackshit? And her hubby who gets paid more than MOST presidents or prime ministers in DEVELOPED countries!

How does she blame saitoti (I hold no torch that thief & incompetent either) for not providing 'civic' education?
Don't schools teach - or common sense - that petrol is FLAMMABLE & dangerous?

So is Saitoti on the way out?

News Break: One day after the Molo Fuel Fire, a railcar derailed near Naivasha with 100,000 litres of UNPROCESSED COOKING OIL. And the thieves were at it again. Oblivious of the danger. Using this oil as 'food' can kill due to impurities. All I can say is expect a few more sick people. Or a few more dead.


MainaT said...

Hypocritical but all that she said is true...

Empower Kenya said...

She finally spoke...and the words out of her mouth stunk of the bad breath from all those quiet days.
Yes Saitoti is answerable to many Kenyans, but using these tragedies to advocate for a female minister of internal security is just roocy-like.

This country needs a lot of help, but it is not going to come from anywhere else but from within.
Blame game will not get us anywhere.

odegle said...

Many people who live near railways or major highways often 'trap' the trains or trucks and buses and them steal even from dying passengers. I hold that poverty has nothing to do with it. its all in the culture of reaping from where you never sowed and its so ingrained in the Kenyan psyche that even death cannot get us away from it!

On Lucy's rants; she had a point that Saitoti should have prevented the accident in the first place. But what we have been hearing are blame games between transport ministry and security ministry as to who should enforce public transport laws.

ps: forget about the messanger (and her husband) focus on the message!

Anonymous said...

The Molo tradegy is just but a reflection of the ills that afflict Kenyans. It's not so much the case of people having gone to school and not learned, but rather of the the risks people are willing to take to wheel themselves out of the shackles of poverty and desperation.

If Roocy paid more attention to this, she should also have read corruption as well and Kenyans readiness to disobey the law, which is a governance issue. To me, the buck stops right at her doorsteps. She should have called for her husband to resign for appointing a now-said-to-be-useless minister for internal security.

Anonymous said...

How is Saitoti to blame? Serves all the idiots right.

Lord said...



It seems your prediction are becoming real again....I queered for petrol for 3 hrs....and just got 5litres then it went dry......

Whats actually happening?


How come!! some one said she was institutionalised....BUT i think the real cause of her OUT burst (some are true) is because SAITOTI is being fronted by WAMBOI...
thats all........

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