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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Barclays announces Bonus & Rights

Barclays gave with both hands...

A 1:3 Bonus as well as a 5:1 Split. Expect the share price to JUMP on this news since the profits were also up 44%.

The speculators are going to have a field day but the P/E ratios are out of whack & they can also get worse!

I based my earlier comments on Barclays Botswana's split. Pesa Tu did not agree.


pesa tu said...

Ha..ha... i have to words.

coldtusker said...

I was not sure but I figured that BBK would follow a "global" policy since they will all be under ABSA eventually. So if OK for Botswana then OK for Kenya.

Their turnabout in investing in rural areas is great news since it will bring quality banking to the masses.

KCB & Equity should watch their backs if BBK executes properly.