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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who says Kenya needs Aid? Just ask gichuru for a loan!

I am glad the Press is digging this stuff up even though I believe divorces are personal matters not for public consumption.

Many successful (real) businessmen have not made what gichuru has made while gichuru "earns/steals" this through a teetering parastatal! That is why I support privatisation.

Furthermore, I think having "foreign" management is a good thing! The managers can be Kenyan (e.g. Barclays, KQ, SCBK) but the "ultimate" management authority lies with someone else.

Why? Look at KQ where Naikuni has done a great job! Moi hated him. In 2003, the kibz' government tried to "install" their men BUT were roundly rejected by KLM & enlightened shareholders.

Back to gichuru
- How much of his wealth is earned legitimately?
- The government used to "crackdown" on foreign accounts for legitimate businesses e.g. tea exporters BUT left its cronies alone!
- What did moi & cronies get from all this?
- Turkwell Gorge has been linked to biwott.
- If the reports of gichuru's shareholdings are true then investigate merali since Yana is a merali firm!

KPLC was milked dry to the bone during the 1997 elections while gichuru was MD. It is known that njenga karume (now in kibz government) was "induced" by gichuru (for kanu & moi) by getting a contract to supply over-priced transformers!

I am sure there are others out there who have this ill-gotten wealth.

There is the kenyatta family with thousands of acres of grabbed land.
There is the moi family with thousands of acres of grabbed land among other shenanigans.
There is the karume family with gains from political backroom deals.
gichuru & his stolen billions!
merali was a moi insider who got favourable treatment. Where did he really get his money & deals?
I wonder where eddy njoroge is in all this?

Just start with the above to finance the budget shortfall!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes all we need is a bloody revolution.kill all these mofos and start on a clean plate.hi siasa ya kubembereza watu aint gonna do it.

Anonymous said...

honestly this is a case of dirt laundry ringera needs to swing into action. gichuru is a well know associate of kanu. leave kibaki out of this

kenyanentrepreneur said...


Kibaki is the freaking president. he's supposed to be clamping down on corruption!!!

xtra-cash said...

Only death can seperate this mofos from their gold.This is equivalent to an economic genocide on poor hard working Kenyans.

Kenyanomics said...

There is only one way of preventing 'Gichurulike' behavior. That is, privatize, privatize, privatize. I say we privatize every government-owned enterprise, including the bullet factory in Eldoret.

Kudrinketh said...

Ati privatize bullet factory in Kenya, i bet you every mugiki,taliban,and all sorts of gangs would buy shares and demand bullets for dividends every quarterly,attend all AGM religiously demanding bullets for breakfast.

kenyanentrepreneur said...

privatizing everything is not the answer. The politicians will still find a way to become majority shareholders.

I'm not sure what the answer is at this point. corruption is so deeply entwined into the culture that i don't know if we'll ever get rid of it.

coldtusker said...

We need to privatise through the NSE since this "opens" the books to scrutiny by investors, banks, CMA among other interested parties.

Better to privatise than leave these in government hands where the politicians, their progeny & cronies feed at the trough!

gathinga said...

amk no apologist of these jamaas. but as long as we dont stop geting kinda 'emotional' in addressing such issues, nothing doing.

I mean we should ake a look, agree these guys fleeced us and move on loking t the future, as in learn our lessons.

am sure its much harder now to cut backroom deal and it gets harder........i thin we're on the right track

mwasjd said...

@Kudrinketh: LOL!!!
@All: The wifey's divorce thing has brought everything to light. The onus, like anon put it, is for KACC to move in swiftly, freeze all accounts, seize assets and investigate thoroughly the source of the wealth.