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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What are the results of the investigation on City Trust's price rise?

Does anyone know of the results of the supposed investigation into the huge price increase (+325%) of City Trust after the announcement of the dividend?

I have never heard anything on the EA Cables investigation nor any others!

Shouldn't the conclusions be PUBLIC knowledge since the public is affected?

What will happen if there are no trades for City Trust at 407/- or within the 10% band?
Does the price adjust downwards?
How (since bids/offered are not reported on the NSE pricelist)?


Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to ask you this question.

would it be possible to outline exactly what an individual would need to do to buy shares of a company listed on the NSE?

Also, include a section on how one might do it if they are not based in kenya.


coldtusker said...

In Kenya:

Choose a broker
Open an account with the broker.
Open a CDS account with the broker.
- ID
- 2 passport photos
Deposit funds into the account.
- Cash
- Cheque needs to clear (4 business days)
Place an order to buy shares


Same sequence of events except you need to choose a sophisticated broker that accepts forex & whose staff has e-mail access.

I recommened Kestrel Capital for both of the above. Minimum investment is $5,000.

Other options: Check out for referrals.

Anonymous said...

thank you

do they have simulated charts that will allow me to view the prices in case I want to sell?

coldtusker said...

Anon... NO... LOL... This is Kenya... The NSE doesn't care, the brokers don't care, the CMA doesn't care...

The best I can offer is to go through my posts... I had reviewed some sites NOT affiliated with the brokes that can help.

Anonymous said...

how do you know when to sell if you don't have immediate access to the price quotes? that could result in huge loses!

do those sites have real time price quotes?

coldtusker said...

Investing in Africa (except S.Africa) is NOT for the faint-hearted. provides 15-minute delayed quotes but that means little coz they are not "official"... the NSE does NOT provide real-time info. All they give you is a pricelist at the end of the day.

Where are you based?

Anonymous said...

But the NSE has moved to an electronic database..yes or no?

if yes, they should be able to have the prices for all to see (electronically)

what do you mean they are not "official"?

coldtusker said...

Yes to Ques 1 but they do NOT have the real-time prices posted online (you can view them on the trading floor). uses the prices they get from the floor & post them online thus they are not "official" (NSE-sanctioned) prices... The guy/gal could post the wrong info!

Where are you located? I might be able to refer you to someone who can be of practical assistance.

bankelele said...

Nothing has come of it. There have been no trades since that sham day and the shares are stuck at 407 with the highest P/E ratio of 102.

Odegle said...

i was asking myself the same question. what happens to those stuck with these shares in case they dont get any market? since new investors will definitely find them outragious! can the shareholders sue? sue who? and by the way how did that happen, 2600 shares !

coldtusker said...

That's the problem... a GENUINE investor who has nothing to do with the trade is now stuck i.e. can't sell or buy since the price is too high...

I thought there was a rule that allow these shares to find a new price level if they do not trade for x number of trading days...

Jakarumba said...

People, what happened to Uchumi investigations?

Anonymous said...

do you guys think you can actually make money on the nse given all these primitive trading practices?

coldtusker said...

jakarumba - These "investigations" are like the "commissions" set-up to hide more than they reveal!

You only "hear" of the results when its either too late OR there is a political motive!

mwasjd said...

LOL on anon1 who's looking for the ideal NSE scenario.
Anon (last)
The market might be primitive, but with good "intel" there's still money to be made in the NSE, just calls for insider info, guts and IPO euphoria...

coldtusker said...

Can't keep up with these Anons... I like to have unfettered comments but I might need to bring some order ala Bankelele...

Banks only responds to bloggers but allows Anon comments... perhaps that's another route to take!

mwasjd - I agree... guts... in spite of all the problems there is money to be made even if you are not an insider BUT use your head!