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Monday, November 27, 2006

Potholes at Kisumu Airport???

Are these Potholes I see?

As many of you are aware that Google Maps provides excellent views of Kenya esp the major towns - in spite of silly/out-dated laws that "prohibit" such images! - so I zoomed onto Kisumu to check out the runway!

Well, the photo/image seems dated i.e. taken prior to the recent heavy rains but there seem to be POTHOLES on the runway which led to KQ suspending flights about 1 month ago.

The airport is tiny... but has potential if the KAA can get its act together...

The Google Map link might take a while to load depending on your connection speed but enjoy!

If you can't find it on Google Maps, then try this alternate site that also uses Google Maps but "leads" you directly to the airport as long as you continue zooming in. You will need to the satellite/hybrid option.


kenyanentrepreneur said...

I don't see any potholes.

you should see the "airport" in Ukunda.

why are you so hung up on kisumu? are tourists flocking there?

coldtusker said...

It's a question.

There is no airport at Ukunda.

3rd largest city in Kenya & the pre-eminent centre for Kenya-Uganda trade.

kenyanentrepreneur said...

there is a tiny little "airport" at Ukunda! that's why i put the " in front of it.

they should concentrate on improving the road network first.

coldtusker said...

Simple steps except resistance by "politicians/crooks" who have grubby fingers in the pie.

1) Sell Airport Bonds thru the NSE & Banks

2)All expenditure of funds monitored by the Lenders (or representatives) to ensure integrity.

3) Impose a fee or tax on passengers, airlines & cargo that is escrowed/"ringed"

4) Concessions built & leased. Rental Income is "ringed" & escrowed.

5) Use these escrowed funds to pay interest & principal payments.

6) Repeat

Same can be done for Toll Roads.

BETTER OPTION - Privatise the airport. Let the buyers/lessors fund the expansion or improvements.

kenyanentrepreneur said...

what kenya needs is the rule of law. In America, if a plane landed on a strip that had potholes and it crashed as a result of this negligence, everyone involved would be sued and driven to bankruptcy.

privatization is not the answer to everything. The rule of law punishes those who are negligent and it forces businesses to do the right thing -but with wako at the helm, i wouldn't bet on it.

Odegle said...

KE, finaly someone who agrees with me that privatisation is not the answer to everything! boy am i relieved.

Kudrinketh said...

Maybe Africans are just naturally corrupt.its inborn,what is needed is neo-colonialism.

we were given our'independence'some 40yrs ago and we've not advanced an inch.instead things are worse now than during seems we've perfected the art of regression,the best things africans are good at is corruption,disregard for the rule of law,unnecessary wars,starvation,plunder,dictators.

i propose we pass a referendum to become the 51st state of USA,or just become a US or British protectorate,just like Virgin Islands or something.

coldtusker said...

Rule of Law?
ke - Now, I am CONVINCED you either live in an Ivory Tower, are part of the establishment or are a comedian!

Who is going to sue the crooks?

When roocy kibz ASSAULTED the reporter (derrick)... the AG (wako) entered a Nolle Prosequi... If derrick had touched roocy, he would have been shot!

We have her assault on tape, in front of a top cop (kingori), with multiple witnesses, at the Nation's premises!

No serious prosecutions in the anglo-fleecing! The corruptions files get tossed between ringera & wako!

Look at the artur fiasco. They were deported instead of being JAILED.

wako APPROVED anglo-fleecing deals. Is he going to sue himself?

What of the naval ship?

Genuine PRIVATISTION has been successful. Look at KQ, Mumias, even Safaricom (run by Vodafone).

69/\/\ said...

CT: The system is seriously flawed. It gets fixed and a lot of our problems will be solved. Privatization in this case would just be a way of working around the problem.

For instance, if the guys responsible for the runway knew that they would face serious jail time for criminal negligence or something, they most definitely would be diligent in their duties.

kenyanentrepreneur said...

You've accused me of living in an ivory tower before and now I'm a comedian? ..ok...i'm an ivory tower comedian. Happy?

Your complaints just strengthen my argument about the need for the rule of law!!! the things you complained about exist PRECISELY because there is a serious weakness in the law.

Amos Wako...the countries chief law enforcement officer is a joke! In America, a public figure like Lucy would have been sued, sued, sued and maybe even charged with criminal battery! because nobody is above the law there. In kenya, the system is messed up.

The most developed countries in the world are built around a system of laws (look @ America & western europe..the rule of law is the basis for everything)..that is not an ivory tower assessment. it's real life!

coldtusker said...

69 - IMHO, the current setup won't work since all those top-down are on the take. No incentive to "improve" the system.

Look at the Mobitelea scam... It starts at the TOP...

The Standard raid & the way the arturs were treated was an eye-opener for most Kenyans that integrity is NOT the government's strong suite.

Under a PRIVATE firm, underperformers are fired, profits matter & the customers get priority.

coldtusker said...

ke - LOL... don't get sensitive...

The PROBLEM in Kenya is NOT the LAW but the enforcement. The enforcer (wako) has no incentive to remedy the system.

The prez (kibz) can fire wako but kibz will not do so either!

Look at the BILLIONS & time it has taken to get a "new" constitution - which we still do not have!

The USA passed one in less time & one that has stood the test of time albeit a few amendments.

Finally, the Parliament needs to pass these laws. They will not do anything to jeopardise the gravy train e.g. nothing has come off taxing the MPs salaries & allowances. All hot air but no action.

Kudrinketh said...

And it gets worse,now you have the govt of thieves and the opposition leader as the number one thief.Kenyans never cease to amaze me!

Y'all cannot tell me this is just a coincident that Kenyans love corrupt leaders.while they wallow in abject poverty,they worship the very thieves that steal milk from their babies mouth.How can you have a MASS MURDERER,THIEVE,RAPIST like BIWOTT be official leader of opposition! this guy should have been HANGED a long time ago!

kenyanentrepreneur said...

ati sensitive? negro Please!

The problem in Kenya is both the law and the lack of enforcement. the two go hand in hand. Amos wako (didn't your read my piece? has a personal networth of $100 million dollars --he was in NYC 2 wks ago checking on his accounts)

I think, this coming election, will send shock waves to many, many of those greedy MP's. Kibaki might last, but many Mp's will not. that is where the change will begin to happen.

KANU has just committed political suicide by re-appointed biwott (kibaki must be laughing right now)

coldtusker said...

ke - I think moi & kibz have a pact...

biwott will "lead" kanu to merge with narc-k or become a coalition partner! biwott (& moi) can deliver 50% of Rift Valley votes to kibz!

The Mobitelea deal will be swept under the carpet. Proceeds amy even be used to fund the next election campaigns by kanu or narc-k.

Ssembonge said...

I agree with KE, kenyans have no idea what the rule of law is. Whats more justice is for sale.

While money can also buy you justice in the US, even the richest make sure that they are in compliance with the rule of law.

In Kenya the law is who has the most power. Kibaki is more powerful than the courts.

kenyanentrepreneur said...

apres moi, these political pacts will make very little difference.

mp's are going to have to run on their own records now.

narc was a one time shot to get rid of moi. now, it's every man for himself.

Kudrinketh said...

I agree with you KE,and its about time MPs were judged on their records.i think this is one of the consequences of's going to bury lotsa politicians