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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nigeria's State of Aviation - Could this happen to Kenya?

KQ recently suspended flights to Kisumu citing the "poor state of the runway"....

KAA claims the runway is "satisfactory" but by whose -perhaps Nigeria's - standards?
And why isn't the runway "excellent"?

KQ is striving to be a world-class airline while KAA seems to be comparing themselves to Nigeria.
Huh? KAA wants to feel good by comparing themselves against the worst apples in the basket!

Even an excellent airline like Virgin Nigeria might get blacklisted due to the poor state of vaiation in Nigeria - Death by association!


Kudrinketh said...

At least we still have decent planes, in Nigeria they now call them FLYING COFFINS!

coldtusker said...

My concern is Kenya could face the same problems with:

1) Dilapidated runways (Kisumu)
2) Hack airlines that are cash-strapped & skimp on maintenance

It seems Lagos Airport is better than the rest so KQ might be safe for now!

Business in Africa is rewarding BUT very tough!

bankelele said...

I thinks KQ will be ok since their equipemnt is among the best in the continent and their pilots and crews are true professionals.

Remember the major Nigerian crash this month is supected to have been pilot error - pilot ignored tower's weather warning and took off into a storm!


coldtusker said...

Banks - All the best equipment will break/malfunction if the runways are crappy.

It's like buying a brand new top of the line Mercedes then driving it on Kenyan Roads... It will break down!