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Monday, November 20, 2006

moi & cronies - Thieves Inc...

Apparently there were some shenanigans - aided by Vodaphone - regarding Safaricom by moi & his henchmen... Of course, that is no surprise but the amounts are staggering!

I am not surprised that the crooks are alive & kicking... what pisses me off is that the NARC government did nothing even to make political capital...

That's why I prefer privatisation... we can ask the hard questions unlike a state-owned or controlled enterprise...

Why does moi even have a say after screwing up Kenya?
Does he feel no shame that such egregious looting went on?
Did moi benefit?
Did moi's kids benefit?
Will Kenyans get restitution?


Odegle said...

am not supprised at this development. i have known for long that 5% of safaricom was actually belonging to Moi. what i did not know is that it was originaly 10%. in fact given that during those days bribery was the order of the day before you do business with Kenya (may be still is) am not entirely supprised. in fact am told the old and new safaricom houses are standing on road reserves. that cannot happen unless you are well connected as a biashara right?

However Coldi, i dont agree with you when you deride the former president and call him unprintables like that. i think i agree with the musician who said that noone can ride your back unsless its bent. moi and co ruined the country but i think the citizens of kenya must take a bigger blame. we provided a very fertile ground for corruption. we decided that certain people could not lead the country because of such petty things as circumcision, we sung praises of the man, we gave him our harvests and indeed our entire life. he simply did what any living thing obeying the law of darwin would do. in the end Africans must stop worshiping their leaders and take charge of their life.

in fact, i am appalled that in this day and age people do not want to even imagine that the current govt could be missusing the NSE or any other investment schemes to rip off the country. i read the comments in the stockskenya website with utter disbelief. the comments on what an MP suggested about drugs money and laundering. kenyans are defending leaders with their life! whether they steal,kill, torture etc. why? i have no idea. i always thought that africans get a thrill just to see the person they love at the top whether he is doing a good job or not.

sorry i may have digressed into politics but again i think you cannot divorce political leadership from investments as the safaricom ownership will rightly demonstrate.

but one question begs for answers, what will the govt do now that they say they have 'discovered' the issue?

gathinga said...

if moi or whoever owns those shares, then that's it.

bu there was this ruling in the Hague on the Kenya Duty free shops.

One Nassir Ibrahim Ali sued the kenyan govt for compensation claiming that he obtained the shops after bribing Mr. Moi. That Moi later supported Kamlesh Pattni to take over the same property.

The judges held that one cannot claim property obtained throgh crime/bribery.

the govet, it were radical, could confisacate these shares on similar thinking...b ut we cant hold our breadth, this is kenya

kenyanentrepreneur said...

Why are you surprised?? -- you can't do business in kenya without bribing.

Read my article on the poodle. I prefer to call him the hyena.

Title: Amos Wako's Fortune. It's right below the ngugi wa thiongo piece.

coldtusker said...

Odegle - Unprintables?
I am TOO POLITE... the bastard f****d Kenyans for 24 years.
Kenyans bear some fault for electing the fool over & over again BUT potential leaders like OUKO were killed under his watch!
- Likoni clashes
- Massive land grabbing (Karura Forest)
- Repression
- Poor roads
- Disease & death
- Education interrupted for THOUSANDS of Univ students.

Hitler killed millions. Just coz he's dead does not mean he is "forgiven". I hate moi & what he did to me among other Kenyans.

I will be among the first to PROTEST if the bastard is given a state funeral!

Folks like me - who complained- many of whom "disappeared".

gathinga - It gets worse! Did u read about gichuru?

ke - Under Ngugi, u have shikwati but nothing on the poodle.

ke- Who said I was surprised at moi's thievery?

kenyanentrepreneur said...


the hyena is right under ngugi! scroll down slowly.

shikwati comes after the hyena

Anonymous said...

tusker relax if you give then enough rope they will hang themselves narc has many goodies in the bag we are just waiting for odm to name their man

coldtusker said...

ke- Am I going blind?

I’ve met him before - he looks like a mau mau insurgent without the dreadlocks.

The hotel employee probably thought he was a bum!

2 comments November 18th, 2006

James Shikwati…

I’ve riled on this blog before about the naivette of do-gooders like Jeffrey Sach’s and Bono.

I copied this staright off your blog... No poodle... Why don't you just link it up for me?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, If they don't know exactly who they are, how do they pay the 'shareholders' every year, send 40% of the dividends to Vodafone i guess?

kenyanentrepreneur said...

here's the link

coldtusker said...

Christ has nothing to do with it... Me thinks you have it as a "draft" that only you can view...

I still want to read about the poodle!

Moi's crooked Swiss banker said...

I hope you guys don't try to get Moi's money back from our swiss bank. It is a huge stash that will earn us lots of interest from loans. When he dies, I might try to funnel some of his money into building another ski chalet for my associates in the Swiss Alps so we can cheat on our wives. We love corrupt African politicians. They make us so rich.

If you have dirty money to hide, send us an email. We are well known for our secrecy.

Dr. Korrupt Bancker, BSc., MBA (African Corruption & Money Laundering)

coldtusker said...

mcsb - Thanx for the humour... LMAO...

Funny but f***ing true!