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Sunday, April 13, 2008

42 Ministers + prez + pm + 2 deputy pms = too many leeches.

Yes, expect higher taxes as Kenya has a cabinet of 46 members. Then there is muthuara & wako. No wonder we remain a 3rd world country. And we will for many more years!

Oh, then there are 50 asst ministers! And at least 50 Permanent Secretaries!
At this rate, Kenya won't join the ranks of the developed countries until the year 2100... I will be long dead by then!

Here is the list...

I think they should have left Michuki in Roads. He is a go-getter. What is he going to do in Environment?


Frank said...

Sad that Kenyans keep choosing these useless leaders. Kenyans need to throw out the whole lot.

Anonymous said...

let the grabbing begin.
Michuki might want us to plant more trees na kadhalika!

Anonymous said...

Well well i think its a hight time we knew who the country belongs to... it simply belongs to them you sawa the list.. i will simply say FUCK and FUCK the Gorverment ... i feeel zero for them wish they would all die