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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

India Grows Up...

Unlike some commentators on KenyanEntrepreneur, I believe Kenya has a lot to gain from closer economic ties with India. The racist tone overpowers any sensible discussion.

Anyway, kibz missed a great opportunity to visit with African & Indian leaders in India during the ongoing India-Africa Forum Summit which is meant to mimic the Africa-China Summit. Sometimes it these meetings that enhance cooperation between countries.

India remains a 3rd world country but world-class in IT & engineering. It provided advanced manufacturing & engineering to Boeing. Even GM, Ford & Airbus use software & design firms in India.

Yet Indian technology is better suited for Africa than (most) European, American or Far-east Asian technology since India shares common attributes with most of sub-Saharan Africa. They have a large poor population, huge population crammed into cities/slums, large base of small-scale/subsistence farmers.

Since India is facing labour shortages in IT, what better way for all to benefit than outsource some BPO work to Kenya? This in turn will lead to work higher up on the ladder.

Indian firms are heavily involved in construction work in the Middle East. Hopefully, Africa - & Kenya - can provide expertise or labour to these firms. The conditions the workers face are not ideal but at least they are real jobs. Kenya needs the remittances.

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