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Monday, April 07, 2008

bob ' the murderer' mugabe tries populism again...

mugabe lost the election in spite of his attempts to rig them, so he hits back at the White farmers to deflect attention from the 'delayed' announcement of the election results.

Apparently, most White farmers bought the land post-independence so were not complicit in the land grabbing by the Brits but they make convenient scapegoats. Reminds me of dan 'thieving' moi who blamed the Asians/Indians for all the ills the country faced while it was him & his cronies who were really behind the scams & violence that rocked Kenya.

BTW, Zimbabwe now imports maize since the idiotic cronies of mugabe who got/stole the land can't farm it!

All major scams in Kenya have political support from kenyatta's land grabbing to goldenberg & now anglo-fleecing. How could such scams take place without kenyatta, moi & kibz knowing of them?


Gathara said...

There's no gainsaying the predictability of stupidity. Robert Mugarbage needs to learn when to stop digging.

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