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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tanzanians screwed by Bank of Tanzania!

Tanzanians are being screwed by their own Central Bank (Bank of Tanzania) regarding the SafCon IPO... What a pity but more shares for Kenyans!

Heads up from Bankelele.

Well... Ugandans are far luckier!


Anonymous said...

hurray!!! I'm going for a kil now. Hope I'll get a full allocation. Asanteni sana wabogo na mkae hivyo hivyo :-)

Odegle said...

it has always been clear to me that TZdians dont really trust kenyans. a friend of mine was forced to leave the country some time back when he was denied work permit to work in a kenyan subsidiary there. last year too they locked us out on an IPO. now they have locked out their own investors. all too funny!

ka-investor said...

Na hiyo ni maendeleo. Full allocation for us!

coldtusker said...

Tthe Tanzanians would have been a drop on the ocean... its the Ugandans who I tip my hat to...

They allowed us in for Stanbic (ok, they treated us like 2nd class citizens) but what a payday for them. I am glad the Ugandans realize the importance of being in an economic bloc.

Well... a few more shares for each Kenyan!