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Monday, April 28, 2008

Zimbabwean Follies... Worth a laugh!

Zimbabwe was a jewel in Africa but for the disregard of (just) law, bad politics and worse economics!

Minister for Agriculture Mechanization, Joseph Made, to a White farmer in recent times:
"Why do you white people always hide behind the law"

Then he goes on "
We made the law we can change it"

Huh? JM, you idiot... it's the law! You made it and if you do not like it, change it! You are the government!

BTW, like Kenya there are superfluous ministries in Zimbabwe as well. There is a Minister for Agriculture as well, rugare gumbo. No wonder Africa is rich in resources but poor as hell in "wealth".

What next a Minister of Toilets - in charge of wiping mugabe's arse?

BTW, the Z$ is at Z$241mn vs US$1 (and the US$ has been tumbling of late).

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