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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

(Politically) Is Zimbabwe another Kenya?

Will mugabe "kibaki" the Zimbabweans...

Kenya or Zimbabwe?
Polls where the opposition was hampered at every point.
Opposition claims victory.
Electoral Commission goes 'dark' ostensibly to release 'official' results.
Riot police in the streets.
Opposition wins the majority of parliament seats.
Opposition declares presidential victory.
Incumbent scoffs at Opposition's claim of victory.
Electoral Commission continues leaving Zimbabweans in the dark.

Why don't African countries emulate Botswana where elections are not perfect but relatively fair, corruption is very low & human rights are respected. This translates to economic success where the benefits are for all citizens to enjoy.

I think Botswana follows the Singapore model. Rwanda is also worth looking at for sustainable development and a clean government.


jomet said...

CT, tuko pamoja on this one. For long I have decried the slow(therefore seemingly unnoticeable) degradation in the quality of journalism. But since neither you nor I are in that industry, perhaps we should write our own stuff how we like it to be written.

coldtusker said...


Thanks lakini the comment shud be follow other post!

Since I cant move it there... please post it there... don't want to sound ungrateful... but I want to folks pick up on ur comments!