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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Tale of two(2) SafCon Prospectuses

Yes, it turns out that the GoK issued a 'revised' prospectus that most investors were unaware of. Does anyone know what the full extent of the 'changes' were?

The Safaricom OFS has been controversial from the beginning starting with the 35% allocation to foreigners to the Mobitelea's 'hidden' shareholders & stake.


Ssembonge said...

I can count no less than 7 irregularities surrounding this IPO. And you can be sure there are more to come.

coldtusker said...

ssembonge: What are they?

I will give you the credit!

Well, ODM did say the SafCon OFS was rushed...

Ssembonge said...

CT, let's give Safaricom the benefit of doubt. There is too much negative sentiments which is causing a lot of people anxiety.

In the interest of their health and well being, let's call for some time-out until after the allocation or trading day.

coldtusker said...

No way, Jose... why?

Irregularities are just that! Stand up for the truth!

You can't back out after whetting my appetite!!!!