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Friday, April 04, 2008

Kenyan politicians killing the Golden Goose...

Nyanza province is among Kenya's poorest regions. Yet an American investor who has converted part of the area into a series of financially viable projects is being hounded courtesy of corrupt politicians. What a pity!

How will Kenya attract the Capital (FDI & local investments) it needs with this behavior?

Kenya should be increasing its ability to feed itself with worldwide grain shortages. We need strong laws & enforcement against corruption. I say we should hang the corrupt councilors. We need to learn from Singapore that metes out severe penalties for corruption.

I do not support subsidies but we have to provide incentives e.g. better roads, zero corruption, open markets & lower taxes to encourage production.

Where are Kenyan gov't honchos who should be aiding Kenyans do business in Sudan?
On the other hand, the Indian gov't is aggressively helping Indian firms establish themselves in Africa.

Kenya will waste money on silly cabinet inaugurations. I am disappointed how raila has capitulated to the trappings of power. They should be spending the money selling Kenya to investors & tourists!

Instead of supporting the "Grown Under The Sun" campaign that will provide more jobs to our farmers, exporters, KQ & myriad other folks... the Kenya govt is NOT sufficiently funding the campaign but funding the purchase of new cars & crap for the new ministers!

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Anonymous said...

dominion farms: the best political insurance is to go public. do an IPO

thinking about it dominion farms made a big gambel that may just pay off mightily what with the rising commodity prices rice especially.

we need more dominion farms large scale agric perhaps one in each district. who can the run outgrower schemes for smaller farmers.