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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

GoK spends & naps while Kenyans suffer...

Since Kenyans MPs earn huge salaries & perks ($180,000+) they do little but bicker in parliament while important economic matters are ignored.

Amos Kimunya plans to raise KShs 27bn (US$48mn) to fund extra expenditures. 70% of the funds will go for recurrent expenditure including OPERATING EXPENSES of the new ministries! Not for 'development'.

KPA needs $320mn to expand the port at Mombasa. The Japanese will loan them the money IF the GoK acts as a guarantor. The doubled capacity would enhance Mombasa's reputation as THE port in E & C Africa. It would create 1000s of jobs for Kenyans and earn Kenya additional forex.

Well, the parliament needs to approve the guarantee but, hey, they don't give two hoots. Why? They care more about a position in the bloated government rather than the country.

I think Kenyans are fools for electing these fools...

We need to get some serious lawmakers in parliament. Why do we have thugs, fossils, thieves and conmen as MPs? Because Kenyans elected most of them except those who rigged themselves in. I am ashamed that Kenya is being held back by the MPs we have.

We do have some bright sparks e.g. Martha Karua (I might not like her politics but she is a go-getter), James Orengo, Anyang Nyongo, Raila Odinga (when he stops politicking), Amos Kimunya (please STOP politicking!), etc. We need leadership from them. Now.

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Anonymous said...

you have converted me to be regular reader with some of the question you have raised...

Truth be said, the politicians can not be blamed for everything, after all someone elected them to that position of authority, I beg your pardon, position of responsibility and accountability