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Monday, April 14, 2008

Bloggers pissed off at bloated cabinet...

Cartoon courtesy of The Standard

Well... The Standard headlines were "Bloggers fury over the new cabinet".

M of "Thinker's Room" has done it again!

Why bloggers are pissed off:

1) State overdraws at CBK. This means higher interest rates or inflation!
2) Overlapping & nonsensical ministries created for solely political reasons.
3) Politicians are frittering our money away. moses wetangula - I gave him a C - said this
"Government would only spend an additional 10 per cent of its revenue".
4) Unnecessary spending on new cars, offices & palatial residences while Kenyans starve & IDPs are ignored.
5)Continued insecurity. The mungiki are causing havoc & saitoti - an F from me - can do nothing.
6) More scandals to come when the crooks behind goldenberg merged with those behind anglo-fleecing. Of course, there are thugs like fred gumo as well.

BTW, at least Balala seems a good choice - well the hoteliers think so. I gave him an A.

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