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Friday, April 11, 2008

Coldtusker declared a Billionaire

oIts official... coldtusker is a BILLIONAIRE.... Heck, he might be a TRILLIONAIRE... by the time you read this...

The ZIM$ went from $50mn:US$1 to $60mn:US$1 in 2 days!

Anyway... KShs 1 will get you (almost) Z$1,000,000

So... a KShs 1,000 = Z$1,000,000,000 (1 billion!!!). I don't even bother about a million... Chump change...

I am Movin' on up!

P.S. The American (short scale) version of the billion is being used.


Anonymous said...

Shit has hit the roof down in Zim but guys there are still holding it together. Kudos to them cos if it was here at home, we would have finished each other by now. Hope one day, we'll see Zim go back to what it used to be back in the mid 90s cos I visited there then and fell in love with the place. glo

Odegle said...

so funny but looking on the brighter side, i am sure there are no pickpockets in zimbabwe!

Chipongwe said...

Coldtucker you are slow

to check out how fast the currency has depreciated check out - forget the election results the economy is going to kill Mugabe before the results are released